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Pump-induced haemolysis: a comparison of short-term ventricular assist devices

M Bennett, S Horton, C Thuys, S Augustin, M Rosenberg, C Brizard
Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville, Victoria, Australia

Perfusion 2004; 19: 107-111

Centrifugal pumps are superior to roller pumps for extended support durations in terms of pump-induced haemolysis. In this study, we evaluated the commonly used Biomedicus BP 50 and compared it with the Jostra Rotaflow and a standard roller pump in an in vitro test circuit. Each circuit was run for a six-day period and repeated five times. Plasma haemoglobin values showed the roller pump to become more haemolytic than the Biomedicus (p=0.022) and the Rotaflow. A statistically significant difference between the Biomedicus and the Rotaflow was observed on day six of the trial (p=0.016), with the Rotaflow showing lower levels of haemolysis than the Biomedicus. These results support the use of the new generation centrifugal pump, the Rotaflow, as a suitable device for short-term ventricular assist.

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