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Reducing the post-pump syndrome by using heparin-coated circuits, steroids, or aprotinin

Harig F, Feyrer R, Mahmoud FO, Blum U, von der Emde J.
Center for Cardiac Surgery, Friedrich-Alexander University, Germany

Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 1999; 47(2): 111-118

BACKGROUND: Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) induces a systemic inflammatory response called 'post-pump syndrome'. As a part of a complex interaction between white cells and vascular endothelium, proinflammatory cytokines IL-6 and IL-8 are part of a phased immune response that is also balanced by anti-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-10. We compared the influence of heparin-coated circuits, steroids, and aprotinin on these cytokines, looking for ways to reduce the syndrome.

METHODS: 40 patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) undergoing elective CABG were prospectively studied in four randomized groups of 10. Group A received prednisolone pre- and postoperatively (2 x 250 mg), group B received aprotinin perioperatively (6 Mio. KIU). In group C, heparin-coated circuits ('Bioline' by Jostra) were used and in group D no special measures were taken (controls). Plasma levels of cytokines were measured before and during CPB and until 12 h after surgery using an ELISA technique.

RESULTS: In group A IL-6 was significantly (p<0.05) suppressed in contrast to the control group (A: peak at 4 h, 155 pg/ml vs. control: peak at 8 h, 565 pg/ml). IL-8 was also suppressed (A: peak at 30', 22 pg/ml vs. control: peak at 30', 55 pg/ml). IL-10 level changed first and was markedly upregulated in contrast to the control (A: peak at 30', 1600 pg/ml vs. control: peak at 30', 130 pg/ml; p<0.05). In group B (aprotinin) the cytokine release was similar to group A. Using heparin-coated circuits (group C) also led to a significant (p<0.05) IL-10 upregulation (C: peak at 2 h, 1380 pg/ml) and IL-6 suppression (C: peak at 4 h, 290 pg/ml). IL-8 was not influenced significantly.

CONCLUSIONS: The results show a similar reduction of the inflammatory cytokine release (IL-6 and IL-8 as markers) using early steroid application and aprotinin in high dosage. Heparin coating reduces IL-6 and increases IL-10 release, whereas IL-8 is not affected. Further studies should investigate the effects of a combined application for reducing inflammatory cytokine release and the post-pump syndrome.

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